On Saturday October 15 we had the opportunity to witness what is for us a new and tough, heavy metal wave of homemade !!

With the great support of a growing international band.

After long hours of waiting, equalization and assembly work, when bands wanted to start the show … and took more than six hours of gigs to their shoveling .. which left it clear that why they are who they are and are going through the roof !
because they take their work very seriously and want to do my best in every show!

Each and every one of the gang members were very friendly, attentive and respectful to all attendees!

And raring to start the bolus tear and heat the ARISE alicantinos staff, offering a very complete in todo..estética show, lights, dynamic contact with people … a tremendous sonidaco, with guitars making a good show of force, speed, technique and melody, drummer holding all that temple breaks, sprinting, downs, setbacks etc.
Very good work.

Estefania run each theme perfectly, has about as many records as bass and treble used freely, as interesting anecdote … say that although this study philology ..and probably do as well in English as in Spanish !! she has preferred to your hard ACUAREUM defend their mother tongue, by contrast were a little conditioned to go very claqueta as both the bass, and other atmospheric sounds were passed by line Conditioned plaster a little rhythm show.


After this spectacular moment is up with all the humility of the world … for my ..banda Hiranya revelation and with a little support they would be consolidated as one of the greats of this country and other continents.

They have everything and I can not be impartial as I conquered great song after great song hit and when I thought I could not be better, a cover of one of my favorite bands PARKWAY DRIVE ,, ..and were nailed nailed !! not to say that sounded better

Guitarists are a single body complemented by a symbiosis scares, and what they do they do very well ..
The hype the box and the dishes are a non-stop cane and technical

Low to say … apart is a guy who breathes music .. !! embroidering everything that makes ..dando a force very significant band ..aparte have time to dig a chorus that makes it clear that you can do both with high level

Although … SARA level! this girl is going to have to buy large land n ,, nothing else there to keep the praise that await along what for me will be a promising career, this girl was discovered a day of the overnight not only rock and roll he had chosen in their ranks ..if not the naming standard and voice of a generation and blessed with a voice, a personality one throw that surely fall in love all where pass!

Live stabs issue after issue, improving the record, all cadences, clean, the breaks..tirando to black, to death, to the core, finally sings what he wants !! It is a big !!

100 percent recommended!


After having broken his neck with them came the highlight of the night ..and where there seemed to be a nice little scene Tatiana eclipsing came out in the room !!

His energy, his presence as a roaring panther ..salvaje Ukrainian and close clear leave because they are engaged in such a huge tour !!

These are a piece of the forests of Ukraine ,, fuck that good and put cane !! ..meticulosos super sound technicians ..casi a great talent to create a magical atmosphere that no longer abound in the current bands

The drums and guitar, left me so blown away that even cost me react while everyone was spinning like crazy ..

enjoying that piece of atmosphere!

But when I thought I had given everything ..the Mr. Eugine, bassist of this group gave an entire class master of finger-touch as a beautiful hardwood and under can take so many nuances that is a fundamental pillar in this band … part of the soul of Jinjer

You can say Tatiana ..

She is the woman every man would metalhead calm and attentive when required ..

and a star on stage ..which gives everything !!

and plays very well with his clean in harmonious narrative ..

full of echoes and messages …

and you can then paste some howls that would drive the beings of the deepest forest making clear that she is the queen in this genre.



For us it was a shame to leave before finishing the concert ..

but here the clash between passion and reality and our work schedules prevented us to stay more …

you can not have everything in life … at least 90 percet  enjoyed the show and it was fantastic ..

NAPALM RECORDS thank for accreditation and kindness !! to the tour manager of Jinjer that bands behaved very well … (all) for their love and closeness … here you have some pictures and our facebook page can see the interview JINJERantes concert and greeting very kindly they gave us the members of Hiranya


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