It is said not choose the   rock  who choose us ..

This is the case of this band from israel.. “SHIRAN “making a groove metal scandal ,that leaves a taste honey on the lips!


D3X_7359 (1)
Choose to make music in a country full of problems, it is to bet on the culture, the talent and the future! ❤

no doubt this band will go very high and far !!!   🙂

We were lucky enough to get hold of the disk shiran .. “WARM WINTER DAY”


Take a look at our article about  their cd and about them!   ❤

“REMAIN” is the theme chosen to open the EP presented to us by Shiran Iranian ..a theme vocal harmonies ..that gives us take quick action to title track of the disc ..

“WARM WINTER DAY” makes us immerse ourselves in the atmosphere “shiran universe” envelope, high strength and purity … a good sign of what is the “heavy metal” in the times ..! ❤

In its third cut “CHILD” without a doubt my favorite of the album theme. I worked very ..complete, the band and embrace voice on this issue as lights and shadows behind the candles <3.

This song has some breaks and  rítimics setbacks  amazing .. coupled with a catchy chorus make this  song a jewel .

With “Glint OF LIGHT” The band embroiders on this issue although the vocal work is impeccable, is the band and part-time care who takes the listener ❤

“BURDEN’S OFF” It prepares us for the end of the road … is certainly the darkest theme of the album ..full of details and nuances … bent vocal full of feeling and strength ..this is even technical issue ..and something progressive …. make grand finale to close this work certainly Shiran catapult to the highest!

Given the great musical quality of this band, and especially their place of origin .. AND EGGS TO BE checking to make beautiful music living in a place that has conflicts of great magnitude.

This band deserves to go far .. however care should tones in composing, not to offset the voz..ya that this has beautiful clean and warm harmonics .. and we miss any guitar solo or low to complement and make more compelling topics …

Yet … we are … good luck! shiran is a real find!


D3X_7520-Edit (1)


‘SHIRAN’ is a groove metal band with soulful singing, from Israel created by Shiran Avayou and Elram Boxer in 2012.
‘SHIRAN’ is a mixture of hard drilling riffs and clean melodic female vocals, styling from Jazz and Blues to Djent metal, all served in a heavy tune!


On mid-2013, the duo finished writing and producing enough songs to take the project into recording. Finishing with a 5 songs short album named ‘Warm Winter Day’








that is now out on iTunes, Big cartel and Band camp.
The duo is now working on a full length album.
‘SHIRAN’ had also released video clips and an official video for ‘Remain’.
Currently playing for the band are the band members of FERIUM.




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