Spanish Post Punk/Alt Rock Outfit El Kintano y la Venerea Releases New Album «Océanos Sangrientos»


Spanish Post Punk/Alt Rock Outfit El Kintano y la Venerea Releases New Album «Océanos Sangrientos»

El Kintano y la Venerea project led by Santi Polo, has just released in March 2023 his new work called «Oceanos Sangrientos» recorded in the Spanish Asturian coast, mixed, produced and mastered in Montreal Studios by the hand of producer Hans Kruger.

«Océanos Sangrientos» represents the state of mind of El Kintano and La Venerea at the current moment of their career, to captivate new audiences through their new raw and visceral Post Punk sound. This new album is the first of what will be the musical trilogy of their message «A CONCEPT CREATED FOR DIFFICULT TIMES».

«Océanos Sangrientos»:

His Post Punk sound was created in 2022 in order to make the new songs sound different from his previous work “Situaciones Perversas”, due to his change in production and mastering. EL KINTANO Y LA VENEREA has been part of numerous bands and projects in the past, but this was the moment to take on his own personal project to show it to the world in a different way.

El Kintano y la Venerea’s influences come from Black Sabbath, Joy Division, Judas Priest, Guns and Roses, Janes Addiction, SoundGarden, Temple Of The Dog and Nirvana, although it also draws from melodic influences such as The Smiths or the Stones Roses.

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